Versace’s Spring/Summer 2018 campaign features top supermodels

Have you ever wondered how awesome your favorite supermodels would look walking down the ramp together? Versace has fulfilled your wish by featuring top models in its Versace Spring Summer Collection Campaign for 2018

It has been 40 years since the world saw the rise of a new fashion star who later went on to become the face of contemporary and innovative fashion. Yes, we are talking about Gianni Versace who launched the famous brand Versace about four decades back. Italian in origin, Versace explored the boundaries of fragrance, accessories, make-up, and home furnishing in addition to clothing. After gaining international exposure and reputation, Versace went on to design costumes for theater and film as well. Another little known fact about Gianni Versace is that he was one of the very first designers who mixed music and fashion together. This brilliant combo is what all the future generations are thankful for. Yet again, Versace is planning to surprise us with its Versace Spring Summer Collection for 2018.

At the advent of the international brand’s 40th birthday, we were expecting something special. As expected, Versace didn’t disappoint us even a little bit. To pay tribute to its late founding father Gianni Versace, the brand went on to hire top supermodels to walk the ramp exhibiting its Spring Summer Collection for 2018. You can’t be a true fashion lover if you aren’t acquainted with these supermodels on the first name basis. Let’s have a look at how all of these stunning models look in the upcoming Versace Spring Summer Collection campaign for 2018.