The Mystery of Rose Gold | 21 Top Trending Rose Gold Beauty Products

Don’t make the mistake of calling it pink. Read more to know about the sensational rose gold and rose gold beauty products!

They say it is just another name for pink. We beg to differ. While rose gold may have been hyped after the announcement as the color for the new iPhone, it has been around for quite a while. Rose gold is actually an alloy of gold with a certain amount of copper in it. It has been employed by jewelers for quite some time now. This mysterious color has been adopted in Michael Kor’s watches prior to the hyped iPhone. However, its popularity has been waxing and waning since the 18th century jewelry adaptations.

Your favorite Rose Gold now in Beauty Products!

The recent turn of events has rendered rose gold quite trendy. While the color adoption by iPhone may have a hand in its recent popularity, we are quite confident that it isn’t going anywhere soon. Rose Gold is quite an intriguing and mystified color. It looks as if our regular yellow gold has suffered a sudden embarrassment. When adapted in beauty products, it tends to give a radiant touch to the diva wearing this shade. A different look is ensured by wearing this beautiful color; something everyone aspires for. recently published a comprehensive article with a list of really pretty rose gold beauty products. Being the awesome aggregator we are, we have picked this article for you. Below is the gallery with a list of different beauty products that you can try. If you wish to read about each of the item in detail, please view the original article HERE. Enjoy the pictures!