Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Complete Catalog | Cosmetic Brands

For all the makeup lovers out there, the ultimate holiday gift is here – the amazing Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Collection 2017

Holiday season is always the best time to get out and just enjoy yourselves. But when it comes to being a woman, you need to consider a lot of things even before the going out part. The part about enjoying yourselves come much much later. So what do you think is the first thing you consider before going out? Yes, you guessed it right, its makeup. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to makeup. But if you are looking for some cruelty free and eco-friendly makeup that also makes you look great, you need to check out the latest Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Collection.

Tarte Cosmetics has a history of being a very reliable brand with quality products. On the same lines as the past, Tart Cosmetics Holiday Makeup is perfect to get you all set up for your hangouts and trips this holiday season. If you are looking for elegant soft brushes, variety in lip makeup colors, and well designed palettes, Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup is your ultimate go to. Below is the catalog of what Tarte Cosmetics has released this holiday season with some pretty pictures organized in a beautiful gallery. So let’s get started.

Tarte Limited Edition Brush Collection (5 Piece) – Set Price £36.99 ($49.00)

If there is a highlight to the Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup set, it is the limited edition brush collection. With a soft touch and glorious feel, this brush set if perfect to elegantly apply your face and eye makeup. The set includes 3 face brushes and 2 eye makeup brushes. Tarte brushes if bought separately are a little costly. So make sure to check out this collection to get a premium brush set in a fair price.

Tarte Blush Bliss Palette – Price £34 ($45.00)

The Tarte Blush Palettes always bend with the skin with the greatest of ease. They tend to keep the skin matte as well. This Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Set contains exhilarating shades that can make your cheeks glow. The shades included in this palette are Genuine (pinky apricot), Loveable (pink melon), Graceful (shimmering pink coral), and Breathtaking (soft rose pink). This palm-sized palette is a perfect value pack and an ideal travel companion.

Tarte Lip Luxuries Lip Sculptor Collection (5 Piece) – Set Price £31.50 ($42.00)

Can’t decide between lipsticks and lip glosses? Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Collection has you covered on this front as well. With Tarte lipsticks, you get 5 exotic lipstick shades. Plus, you get complementary lip glosses alongside as well. And from what we’ve heard, the lipsticks are long lasting and lip glosses are smooth and non-sticky. The shades include Pride – poppy red, Trinket (rosy-mauve), Gem  – rosy peach, Quest – pink apricot, and Bangle – deep cherry.

In addition to these glorious makeup items, Tarte Cosmetic Holiday Makeup Collection also contains a beautiful face palette with face powders and eye shadow galore. A highlighting powder is also included which is suitable for all skin tones. Liked any of the above items and want to buy some for looking awesome these holidays? Check out Tarte Cosmetics Official Website here.