7 Top Designs from Sohpia Tolli’s Premium Wedding Dress Collection

Looking for a special dress to wear on the most special day of your life? These Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses will make your dream come true!

Shophia Tolli doesn’t need an introduction for those who closely follow Australian fashion, style and trends. Specializing in Wedding dresses and special occasion gowns, Sophia Tolli has been in the industry for 18+ years. Known for her unique craftsmanship, great quality and perfect fit, Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses provide an array of gorgeous, show-stopping bridal gowns. While we keep seeing the professional touch in her work, Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses have somehow a homey feel to them as well. It is as if her collections have been designed in perfect sync with our personalities. Sophia believes that this is probably because of her exposure to fashion in early teen years at home. She was introduced to customized dresses and fashion as a whole by her aunt. She was a professional dress maker who let Sophia explore herself. The result, as we can all witness, was exceptional.

Today, we have brought to you our 7 favorite picks from Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses. Bask in the glory of the unparalleled handiwork of this premium designer with these top designs. Sophia’s wedding gown’s are so gorgeous that you are going to want every single one of them. Scroll down to see the complete gallery below.



Y11702 Gabrielle


Y11703 Colette



Y11704 Mimi

Y11705 Estelle


Y11706 Harriet


Y11707 Margot


Y11709 Emeline