Love your skin? Stop doing these 5 beauty treatments too frequently!

There is no harm in wanting to look flawlessly stunning. But extreme obsession with beauty treatments can get you in trouble. Read to know.

In today’s festive lifestyle, every other day is a celebration. And every celebration demands a visit to the beauty parlor for full-fledged beauty treatments. This is especially true in case of women who want to look absolutely flawless at all times. However, before you decide to opt for a beauty treatment, you need to understand that your desire to shine might actually result in an eclipse. Whether you choose to do beauty treatments or use herbal and natural products for beauty treatments, the excess of everything is bad. Unless you want your favorite beauty treatments to turn against you, keep reading to know the dos and don’ts of different beauty treatments, methods, and products.

1. Wear fake eyelashes but don’t lose your original ones

Do you love how your eyes look with those artificially long eyelashes? We do too but there is a catch. Do you know that wearing fake eyelashes might result in the loss of your original ones? This is because fake eyelashes come with a glue which when removed, puts strain on the original eyelashes. Avoid the excessive use of this accessory and only wear on special occasions. Believe us, your eyes look more beautiful the way they are.

2. Excessive hair shine can give you more than shiny hair

Hair play a very important part in projecting a strong and powerful image of anyone’s personality. Therefore, beauty treatments for hair like keratin treatment are immensely popular these days. Every woman loves smooth and shiny hair and therefore, they don’t shy away from repeatedly treating their hair. However, you really need to consider the hidden monsters that lurk inside the ingredients of hair gels used for hair beauty treatments. Most of the hair treatment products contain a chemical called formaldehyde which can cause damage to respiratory and nervous system upon elongated exposure. Chemicals such as these may leave a little glitch inside your genetic code making you prone to cancer. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? Treating your hair once in a while is fine. Just don’t go about doing these beauty treatments every other day.

3. Exfoliation may remove something you didn’t sign up for

We know what exfoliation is for but do you know what exfoliation isn’t for? While exfoliation, otherwise known as scrubbing, is a very effective way to get rid of all the toxins and dead cells accumulated on the skin, it isn’t for damaging the otherwise healthy cells resting underneath. This is exactly what happens when you make it habitual. Exfoliation is a deep cleansing ritual that thoroughly clears your skin. What do you think is going to happen when you do this to a perfectly clean skin? Cleansing beauty treatments when done excessively can actually damage the skin cells instead of cleansing them. When you don’t allow the skin cells to heal or regenerate, it causes inflammation in the skin and weakens the barrier function. Thus making the skin vulnerable to infection.

4. Manicures and pedicures can get you into trouble

Manicures and pedicures are considered to be relatively harmless and trivial beauty treatments.  However, there is a slight complication here that we all tend to overlook. Have you ever asked the salon where you get the treatment done whether they have sanitized and clean beauty tools and equipment? Probably not, because we all assume too much. Remember, the beauty parlor pros might be the maestros of their profession but who says they can’t be lousy at sanitizing their equipment? Anyone can mess up here or there so always make sure that you are getting manicures and pedicures with equipment that has been thoroughly sanitized.

Also, keep your distance from gel nail trims too since they can open you to hazardous UV light, and can likewise harm nail fingernail skin and debilitate the nail bed. Even nail buffing, which you do with a desire for gleaming nails can make them fragile. Each time you for this treatment, you are fundamentally stripping without end a layer of your nail making it weaker.

5. Fish pedicures can be as harmful as they are pleasurable

Fish pedicures is a fairly recent phenomena since it wasn’t very well known a few years back. It is considered a refreshing and pleasurable experience since it causes ticklish feeling on the sensitive part of the feet. However, it has its demerits as well. It is absolutely necessary to change the water tank fairly frequently to keep it sanitized and clean. Our skin is much more prone to bacterial and fungal infections and hence, unclean water shouldn’t be used at any cost.

The fish themselves can be a part of the problem here. Since many salons use same tiny nibbling fish for every customer, it is highly likely that they might transmit infectious diseases from one person to another. This beauty treatment can be pretty harmful if your predecessor was unknowingly carrying a highly infectious disease. It is better to avoid this treatment altogether but if you want to do it anyway, choose a place known for their cleanliness and sanitization habits.


These were some words of caution that we wanted to share with our readers so that you can be vigilant next time around when you want to do beauty treatments. If you liked this article, please share with your friends and keep visiting for more!