Royal Gala in Dubai: A fresh outlook on UAE Fashion and beyond

Royal Gala | This is what happens when the fashion royalties of the world show off in style

The annual event of Royal Gala is definitely a place for the fashion royalties of the world to come together. Graced by the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hend, the event was held at Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Royal Gala holds much significance since it brings together all the premium fashion brands of UAE and the rest of the world. It is part of Sheikh Hend’s initiative to expose UAE fashion to the world and vice versa.

There was a long line of talented fashion designers from all over the world to join this year’s Royal Gala. But given the VIP nature of this event, the lineup was narrowed down to 10 designers. In addition to the fashions icons of the world, royalties from Nigeria, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia etc also attended the event.

The Royal Gala created quite a buzz on social media this year. The designers present at the most fashionable event of the year made it worthwhile though their unique collections. We have picked out an article by that features this year’s premium designer outfits. Browse through the gallery below for a sneak peek on this year’s fashion royalties. If you wish to read the parent article. Visit THIS link. Enjoy!

1. House of Makta

2. House of Hend

3. R2 Abayas

4. Antonio Croce

5. Emmanuel Haute Couture

6. Junne Couture

7. Glamour Hunter

8. Pilar del Campo

9. Cilvana Designs

10. Marwa Rabah


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