Prom Queen or Not, You Will Slay Prom Night With These Updo Hairstyles

Want to look flawlessly classy at the Prom Night Dance? Try these beautiful Prom Night Hairstyles Updos for the big occasion!

Prom night is definitely the highlighting event of the high school senior year. For the seniors, it is a glimpse of how they are expected to hold up the formalities of their society. A formal dinner followed up by a dance signifies a step into adulthood. So, a one-time event like this isn’t to be taken lightly. Hence, everyone wants to be the center of attention at prom night. While the Prom King and Prom Queen definitely take away the largest piece of attention cake, there is still a big chuck up for grabs. So, we have brought some awesome prom hairstyles updos for girls for our female readers. Prom Queen or not, you are definitely going to love the attention these prom hairstyles updos are going to throw your way. Are you ready to grab your piece of the attention cake? Let’s go!


Braided with a Bow | Prom Hairstyles Updos with a Modern Fairy Look


Step 1: Pull your hair back into a low pony.

Step 2: Divide your hair into three separate braids.

Step 3: Pull out some layers and pancake each braid.

Step 4: Use hair wax spray on the braids and wind them together

Step 5: Pin at the nape of your neck and wear with your favorite bow.


Bow Bun | Prom Hairstyles Updos with a Twist


Step 1: Spray hair wax or use hair gel to smooth your hair out.

Step 2: Twist the hair back to form a low, loose bun.

Step 3: Add pins to keep the bun in place and wear with a classy bow.

Sparkly side swoop | Celebrity Style Prom Hairstyle Updos


Step 1: Leaving the front pieces of your hair loose.

Step 2: Make a side part. Then pull your hair back into a side pony.

Step 3: Sweep your bangs gently back. Clip them using a bobby pin.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail. Wrap it in around the base to create a bun.

Step 5: Use pins around the bun. Spray hair wax to keep it in place.


Sleek Roll | Elegant and Classy Prom Hairstyles Updos


Step 1: Straighten your hair up. (You may use a serum to add extra shine)

Step 2: Pull the hair back at the nape of your neck. Roll them upwards next.

Step 3: Use bobby pins and hair spray to maintain the look.


Crimped Knot | Prom Hairstyles Updos for Short Hair


Step 1: Use a micro crimper to crimp the hair around your forehead.

Step 2: Tease the crimped hair a tad bit and then brush back.

Step 3: Create a ponytail by pulling back the rest of your hair.

Step 4: Twist it into a bun, and use pins to put it in place.

Quick Roll | Simple and Charming Prom Hairstyles Updos


Step 1: One day before, apply a dollop of mousse to damp hair and air-dry.

Step 2: Next morning, wear an elastic headband.

Step 3: Twist the leftover strands over the back of the band. Tuck them in place.

Side Knot | Prom Hairstyles Updos with the Perfect Flaunt


Step 1: Separate your hair into two sections.

Step 2: Use a rat-tail comb and part hair diagonally. (Left side of forehead to below your right ear)

Step 3: Pin the hair on your left side back. (We don’t need them right now)

Step 4: Rub a small amount of styling gel to smooth strands as you gather the loose hair on your right side. Pull these strands toward the left.

Step 5: Take hair from the right side create a bun. Add the hair from the left (that we left out earlier) as you twist.

Step 6: Use pins for flyaways and add hairs wax for a lasting look.


Braided Twist | Prom Hairstyles Updos with a Princess-y Look


Step 1: Create a side part. Pull the hair back into a low bun. (Looks messy? Its part of the plan)

Step 2: Wear a braided headband matching your hair color.

Step 3: Pull out some tendrils around the braid to give it a natural look.


Side Chignon | Chic Flick Prom Hairstyles Updos


Step 1: Apply hair gel or styling cream to dry hair.

Step 2: Take hair to one side. Twist them into a knot right below your ear.

Step 3: Use bobby pins to keep in place.

Striped Twists | Prom Hairstyles Updos with a Twist Fest


Step 1: Make a deep side part.

Step 2: Clip two animal-print hair extensions into the heavier side of your part near the front (see picture).

(Optional): Hair chalk can also be used to add colorful streaks.

Step 3: Keep the top section of hair loose

Step 4: Part hair diagonally from the top of your head to the nape of your neck.

Step 5: Clip up the middle section into a twist

Step 6: Repeat with the top and bottom sections.


Swifty Swirl | Prom Hairstyles Updos with a Taylor Swift Touch


Step 1: Separate hair into a top and bottom sections.

Step 3: Pin the top part up. Brush the bottom back into an extra-tight ponytail.

Step 4: Spritz the roots of top section with hairspray. Tease it down toward the scalp with a teasing brush.

Step 5: Brush back the top section so it falls over your ponytail.

Step 6: Roll all your hair up and under to create a swirl.

Step 7: Pin it and smooth away frizz with hairspray!


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