Valentino Fall / Winter Fashion 2017-18 | Paris Fashion Week

Winter Fashion Couture by Piccioli’s Valentino for Fall 2017 @ Paris Fashion Week…

Italian fashion maestro Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino seems to have a very strong influence of the Church given that the renowned designer studio literally sits in the heart of Rome. According to fashion critics, Valentino lacks the sense of urgency and anxiety that has taken over the contemporary fashion moods. It lies more on the spectrum of fantasy and escapism giving its couture a whimsically articulate look. The fall / winter fashion by Valentino was showcased at Paris Fashion Week 2017.

Valentino’s winter fashion this year follows a dark theme in which Piccioli has capture the melancholic mood of the fall / autumn. The Paris Fashion Week was illuminated by the gorgeous craftsmanship and an aura of artsy historical romanticism. If you have a keen eye for fashion, you will definitely jump up to the possibility of having a dress by Valentino in your wardrobe given the sheer amount of detail and time spent on each and every article. Valentino’s winter fashion was no doubt a highlight of this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Valentino’s Winter Fashion Gallery | Paris Fashion Week

We have compiled our picks from Valentino Fall / Winter Collection 2017 for you to browse through. The complete gallery is below. Check it out to see if we have picked anything close to your choosing. If you wish to learn more about Paris Fashion Week, see THIS link for more details.