News: Anniesa Hasibuan – Indonesian Hijab designer featured @ NYFW

“Crowds gathered in excess outside the Skylight at Moynihan Station in New York City on a balmy Monday night to see the return of Anneisa Hasibuan to New York Fashion Week. The Jakarta-based designer is known for her unique women’s evening wear, which combines classic techniques, Indonesian inspiration, with a distinct Muslim tradition. Updating the Hijab with crystal-crusted eye-wear, pajama pants and chic layering, Anneisa took the headscarf and made it a high-fashion runway mainstay. A vast expanse of muted pastels was the base for the collection. Dusty pinks, moss, and lilac silks were prevalent as the primary hues for her designs, and then diversified with rich metallics. Embellishments of crystal, pearl, gold, and silver made each piece sparkle with light. Intricate beadwork on capes and skirts yielded a weighted texture to the otherwise light and flowy garments. The visual impact of Anneisa’s show was truly felt as she made her way down the length of the runway. The collection truly worthy of the crowds extended cheering. Making the headscarf an accessible and wearable feature in this collection brought together what was once perceived as two different worlds. Western glamour blended with Muslim tradition and Indonesian ethnic flair truly made worlds come together, complete with pearls, silk and gold. Read the full story HERE or scroll down to see Anneisa Hasibuan’s complete gallery from New York Fashion Week.”