Nail Designs | Be a self nail artist by wearing these trendy nail art designs

Do you want to give your nails a “nail artist” like finish? Are you tired of having monotonous shades of nail polish to wear everyday? Check out these awesome nail designs!

Nails are a rather modest part of our body but don’t mistake them to be unimportant. The most basic of salutations includes extending your hand for a shake. It is obvious what a hand shake exposes to your new acquaintance.  Your nails! Most women are contended with using single shades of nail polish instead of spending a little time on nail designs. While nail polishes are a great and easy way to give you beautiful nails with the desired look, nail designs have their own significance.

As I have mentioned before, our nails are exposed to the people we meet all the time. Nail designs give an extra something to look at to the people you meet. Spending extra time on your nails give n extra touch of elegance to your personality.

What to choose out of a plethora of nail designs available? Here are some ideas!

Whether it is a detailed fair isle pattern or simple half-moons, nail designs always look beautiful and appealing. There are a number of looks that you can maintain by wearing festive negative designs, creating sparkly gel nails look, or two-tone nails in the color of the season, green. If you are unable to decide between minimalist and attention-seeking nails, you can wear a split nail look. With nail designs, you can add a statement nail in the form of a stained glass design or a classic shade of red with snowflakes. In short, there are a number of designs and ideas that you can transfer on your nails.

Just express yourself in a creative way and see the magic happen on your nails. The famous fashion magazine Elle has published a recent article on nail designs. You can view this article HERE for more details. Browse the gallery below for inspiration on what to wear on your nails for the next event or important meet up.



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