Nail Polish | Best Nail Colors to wear according to your Zodiac Sign

Whether you believe in Zodiacs or not, you need to wear these complementary nail colors to your zodiac personality and see the magic happen!

Zodiac signs, or Star signs if you may, have a bearing on your life whether you like it or not. Either that or the palmists and astrologists have been ripping us off for centuries. Reading the movement of the stars is an art. Horoscope is popular for the same reason. It won’t be if it always predicted wrong. But let’s not get into the debate of whether its legit. We are here to give you some recommendations based on your Zodiac sign. Nail Colors!

Colors are important since they speak the mind and soul of your personality. Wear nail colors and you speak it in front of the whole world. Since zodiacs affect our personality, it also affects the way we perceive the world. Dressing up is a way to express ourselves in front of others and so is makeup. Same goes with nail colors. So, it is better that you wear those nail colors that complement your zodiac personality. It may not make a difference to you. But believe me, it is going to make a difference to how others perceive you. did a decent analysis on Zodiacs and their complementary nail colors in a recent article. If you wish to read in detail, please follow this link HERE. However, if you are getting impatient to know the complementary nail colors to your respective zodiacs, move to the gallery below.

1.  Aries: Holographic Blue

2. Taurus: Baby Pink

3. Gemini: Smooth Blue

4. Leo: Electric Orange

5. Virgo: Standout Scarlet

6. Scorpio: Navy

7. Aquarius: Sparkling Lavender

8. Libra: Glossy Noir

9. Cancer: Shimmering Berry

10. Capricorn: Dusty Mauve

11. Sagittarius: Creamy Greige

12. Pisces: Fiery Coral