Makeup Tutorial | Look Younger by Applying these 7 Genius Makeup Tricks

Curious about what wonders can makeup do? Check out this makeup tutorial with 7 beauty tips to make you look younger!

Beauty and makeup has become a big phenomena in today’s day and age. With the rise of Instagram models, everyone is following video makeup tutorial, changing makeup and beauty trends to make themselves look like their favorite celebrity. It may be argued that the recent craze for beauty and makeup products depict an obsession with appearances. But as they say, first impression is indeed the last impression.

Makeup is an art which has the potential to transform your personality altogether. Today’s day and age has brought with it a number of recipes for disaster. The remnants of deteriorating condition of our environments is quite visible on our skin and health. In these circumstances, there is an ever growing demand for beauty tips and makeup tutorial.

The Art of Makeup | 7 Steps towards a younger look | Makeup tutorial and Beauty Tips

Inspired from Reader’s Digest, we have picked these 7 amazing makeup tricks for you. This makeup tutorial is a bit different from the ones floating around the internet. We will not tell you how to create a certain look. We will show you how powerful the art of makeup is.

1.  Use concealer, not foundation.

2. Choose an eye-shadow opposite to your eye color.

3. Ditch your powder.

4. Moisturize before foundation.

5. Don’t be afraid of color.

6. Make Vaseline your best friend.

7. Use gold hued foundations.

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