Exotic Beauty Standards & Top Makeup Trends Around the Globe


Ever wondered if you’ll be sought after in a foreign country for your exotic beauty? Read to know the makeup trends around the world!

They say that the beauty lies within. Or rather, in the eyes of the beholder. We say, it isn’t true for most people out there. If appearances didn’t matter, we wouldn’t have to rigorously follow the changing makeup trends. The makeup products would have been cheaper than water because no one would buy them. The “first impression” that your personality casts would have been more dependent on how you carry yourself forward. Instead, what we see are long queues of people outside cosmetic stores. Our events are incomplete without wearing appropriate makeup. And people who don’t follow makeup trends are considered geeks or weirdos. So yes, appearance do matter.

With that being said, have you ever wondered if you would be considered beautiful in a foreign land? If not, be ready for some revelations. It is quite possible that a girl who is considered average in Sweden would be sought after in Japan. Or the lonely guy in Japan would be a center of attention upon visiting Sri Lanka. In the end, it is all relative. The concept of exotic beauty is quite appealing. Yet, nations do have a general perspective of beauty in their collective psyche. While it is almost impossible to pin point the exact standard of beauty in a country, we can have some idea by looking at the makeup trends of that particular country. Makeup trends are always changing to make you look more desirable. Hence, they can give us some idea about what is considered beautiful and what is not.

Which makeup trends and beauty standards lie in the collective psyche of your nation?

Now, lets move on to the experiment which allowed us to have some insights on the topic. See this girl here?

She sent her pictures to Photoshop experts around the world and asked them to transform her according to their local beauty standards. It may be argued that the results were a depiction of what the experts thought to be beautiful. However, in our humble opinion, the result are a correct depiction of what makeup trends are being followed in that particular country that are considered to make a woman look beautiful. Let’s have a look:

The concept of Australian beauty has “The Beach” at its focal point. So the makeup trends also revolve around fake tanners to make the skin look darker.

German women spend most on changing makeup trends than their European counterparts. In a survey, more than 90% of German women said that they would rather cancel a first date than going on the date without wearing makeup!

A UK based study has found that on average British women spend around 474 days in their lifetimes applying makeup. And the average total spending per woman is around 15,000 USD Crazy. Isn’t it?

In Philippines, the hair are often straightened and rebounded as far away from the natural curl as possible. Long straight hair are considered a vital part of feminine beauty.

In a survey, 60% of people said that the inner beauty counted the most. It may be true for long term relationships. However, as far as keeping appearances are considered, outer beauty and makeup trends do matter.

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