L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week 2017 – Highlights

See PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week in action through our eyes!

Pakistan Fashion Design Council aka PFDC takes brilliant initiatives to bring together the cream of Pakistan Fashion. L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week is one such initiative. It takes place every year setting the trend and tone of Bridal Fashion for the upcoming year.

The 7th L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week took place this year from Oct 14th to Oct 16th, 2017. Many premium designers and commercial brands  joined hands to make this event successful. They presented their gorgeous bridal collections to uplift the spirit of the whole event to new heights. Some of the famous names that appeared were Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio, MAHGUL, , Nomi Ansari, Misha Lakhani, Sana Safinaz, Nickie Nina, Saira Shakira, Sania Maskatiya, Sadaf Fawad Khan Bridals and others.

In this article we have tried to bring together some of our personal favorite collections from the L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our galleries that we picked for you. Each gallery has been sorted according to the each individual designer. Although all of the collections presented at the bridal fashion week were beyond compare. We could not include everything since we want to keep our article short and crispy the way you like it. Browse through the galleries and enjoy!

Saira Shakira’s “Artemisia” Bridal Collection with a Traditional touch @ LOreal Bridal Fashion Week 2017


Saira Shakira – the famous fashion designer – named her latest bridal collection ‘Artemisia’ after the legendary Greek warrior Queen. Since war is a phenomenon associated with strength and agility, this collection is meant to showcase the resilience of women. The collection has a traditional formal touch with intricate embroidered patterns and designs. Mostly light color shades are used to give a different touch to the bridal dresses other than the typical wedding red.

Sadaf Fawad Khan’s Latest Bridal/Bridal Chic Collection @ L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week 2017

Sadaf Fawad Khan’s blend of contemporary and traditional bridal couture gave way to a brilliant premium bridal collection. This collection was presented at the glorious arena of L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week this month. The lighter metallic shades of the collection perform a brilliant dance of refractive and reflective lights implicating the glory of a majestic starry night. Rich fabrics and threads were used for texturing and detailing which gave a unique look to all the designs.

MAHGUL presents “Darya” showcasing the evolution of Bridal Couture @ L’Oréal Paris Bridal Fashion Week 2017

MAHGUL presents its latest bridal collection “Darya” at L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week. This collection signifies the flow or evolution of our bridal couture over time. This collection is a perfect rendition of how our traditional fashion has evolved by mixing up with the contemporary western fashion. Like many other designers, MAHGUL has showcased lighter shades in its collection while also touching the darker and more prominent shades.

Nickie Nina’s “ADEENA – Generation IV” Cultural Mashup Bridal Collection @ L’Oreal Bridal Fashion Week 2017

ADEENA – Generation IV presented by Nickie Nina is rich with classical and traditional touches. This collection signifies the beauty of rich cultural values of various civilizations. Civilizations that range from the far east to the western edges of Asian continent. Nickie Nina collaborated with Reama Malik’s gold jewelry designer brand to add an extra touch to the beauty of the collection. Nickie Nina’s latest bridal collection is a conglomeration of cultures that celebrate the regal beauty, dynamic colors and unparalleled grace of the East.

Faiza Saqlain’s “Heer” Latest Traditional and Classical Bridal Collection @ L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week 2017

Heer by Faiza Saqlain is an ode to the simple and traditional women of our society. Especially those women who have become empowered overtime after deriving inspiration from the sufferings of the legendary Heer. We have all grown up hearing the tales of this iconic woman and the courage she showed in a time when suppressing  the women was a norm. Heer lives in every woman and her innate courage and expression has been well communicated through this traditional bridal collection. The collection incorporated a variety of techniques including the evergreen dabka, mukeshtilla and contemporary 3D embellishments and cutworks, throughout the collection.