These latest Diamond Wedding Rings are being totally loved by the girls

Confused what to pick for your engagement / wedding? These 5 trendy yet classic diamond wedding ring designs will steal the show!

Wedding and engagement season isn’t confined to a particular time of the year these days. Although people love to propose around new year’s or valentine’s, there are plenty who care more about the moment than the day. And whether you care about the day or not, you definitely care about the moment. There is nothing other than a diamond wedding or engagement band that can make your moment special.

There are a number of diamond wedding rings floating around in the market. The competition in this niche is so high that people are putting out their best in the market. Yet, somehow, we are always confused about this one time choice of a timeless diamond wedding ring. This choice is particularly difficult since we want to choose a ring that is within our budget but still makes our significant other really really happy. We want to keep the trends in mind and still want to buy a design that can defy the odds of time. Funny. Isn’t it?

So, how do we know what kind of diamond wedding bands are popular? We can’t until we do some solid research. But don’t worry, we have done some good research so you won’t have to. Today, we have picked up an article by that features 5 timeless yet trend-forward diamond wedding bands. These designs have been recommended by one of the most sought after private jeweler of New York Ms. Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge.

Scroll down to find the top designs that are going to set the mood for 2018 wedding and engagement season. If you wish to read in more detail, check out THIS article by

1.Oval With Double Diamond Wedding Band

An diamond wedding ring plus engagement band in one, this design is also called a floating diamond. The oval shape gives an appearance as if the diamond is of a larger carat weight. A truly classic design.

2. Emerald Cut With Trapezoids

Emerald cut diamond wedding or engagement bands are a relatively contemporary phenomenon. Having clean lines and edges adds the symmetry of the geometrical shape to the ring. This ring is perfect for the modern aesthetic.

3. Antique Diamonds

Antique diamonds are what truly cry out being timeless. Coupled with a modern band design, this diamond wedding ring is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

4. Pear With a Halo

Pears are as old as time itself. That was an exaggeration but pears have been loved since before the time of Jesus. Add a pear to your band instead of an oval to make it look modern. Pear makes the fingers look elongated. A classic and timeless design.

5. Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds haven’t been popular for diamond wedding bands until recently. But the center stone is usually white and colored diamonds are used to complement the band. They are usually expensive but buying one can give you a lot of features in a single ring as you can see in the ring below – a white center stone with pink diamonds set on a rose gold band. A great choice!