Cosmetic Brands | Jeffree Star Holiday Collection 2017 Complete Catalog

The wait is going to be over soon. Jeffree Star Holiday Collection will be in stores on Nov 18th, 2017!

Jeffree Star Holiday Collection has been announced and so the anticipation has come to an end. For cosmetic lovers, Jeffree is like an artist who loves to express himself by way of his products. With every turn in mode of a season, we see the expressions of an artist change accordingly. This is usually depicted in the work of art that the artist creates. Likewise, Jeffree Star Holiday Collection 2017 contains Jeffree’s sincerest and most authentic expressions.

Jeffree Star’s Holiday Collection contains 17-pieces featuring latest shades. This includes two Jeffree Star Skin Frost Pro Palettes, three Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrubs, four Jeffree Star Lip Ammunitions, and eight Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. According to Jeffree,, this is probably the last limited edition packaging collection. From next year onward, Jeffree will be focusing more on adding more products to the core line. As for this Jeffree  Star Holiday Collection, the focus has been more on the theme of taking it easy and having fun. Jeffree has particularly centered this collection around dark and edgy theme of the fall so that people can have fun doing makeup whilst having synchronized with the mood of the season.

Jeffree also wanted to pull off something new this time around. And it was the special pink glitter packaging. Only two brands prior to Jeffree Star have been able to successfully do something like this (MAC Collection and Mariah Carey). For Jeffree, it is all about the perfect expression of art. So, what we have done is to compile all the products in the Jeffree Star Holiday Collection in the gallery below. The price tag has been included as well. Check out these products and be the first one to add them to your makeup collection.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks by Jeffree Star ($18 each)


Lip Ammunition by Jeffree Star ($18 each)



Velour Lip Scrubs by Jeffree Star ($12 each)


Skin Frost Pro Palettes by Jeffree Star ($40 each)