The Art of Wearing Red Lipstick | Here is How to Find Your Suitable Red Shade

Want to rock red lipstick in its true spirit? This is how to wear red lipstick truly to charm every one of those occasions and parties.

Red is the signature of lipstick colors. In fact, many of us used to take lipstick and red as synonymous when we were young. With all the shades, colors, glosses, and glitter in the market, we don’t feel the same way anymore. However, red is still the first color that pops into our heads when we think of lipsticks. While we are on the subject, let us make it clear that wearing lipstick is an art in itself. While red lipstick has been the tried-and-true go-to color for any formal occasion, not everyone can rock it in its true spirit. In this article, we will shed some light on how to wear red lipstick according to makeup experts.

1. Pair Your Red Lipstick and Skin Undertone Together

Skin undertone is really important when it comes to rocking a lipstick color. If you have a cool skin undertone i.e. pink, red or blue, the perfect red for you will lean towards the blue spectrum. The shades that are included in this category are burgundy, deep cranberry, or cherry. For people with warmer or golden undertones, the suitable reds lie more on the orange spectrum. Think salmon, coral, burnt sienna, auburn or alike. How to wear red lipstick truly depends on choosing the right color for your skin undertone.

2. Hair or Eye Color isn’t Something to be Worried About

Don’t pick a red based on your hair color or eye color. Determining undertones from eye and hair color can be a pretty misleading estimate.  Just because you have blue eyes doesn’t mean you are a cool  and just because you have brown eyes doesn’t mean are warm. And it isn’t even necessary to have a skin undertone. A large number of ladies have neutral undertones which makes them compatible for any shade of red. If in doubt stick to true reds in the middle of the spectrum.


3. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Texture

We know there is a lot of variety in lipsticks nowadays that makes it easier to get lost. But if you truly want to rock a shade of red, don’t forget to experiment with different textures. Remember, the more fun you have with your makeup, the more confident you’ll feel. If you have never used a liquid lipstick, try to make a statement with it. Try layering metallic lipstick underneath a liquid one to create a custom texture. You are going to love it.

4. Prep Your Lips First By Exfoliation

If you really need to know how to wear red lipstick, apply it on a smooth surface. Either use homemade scrubs or remedies and exfoliate your lips gently by using an unused toothbrush. This will really help making the red of your lips prominent. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips after using a hydrating lip balm.

5. For Maximizing Staying Power, Blot Between Layers

After the application of first layer of lipstick, use setting powder on the first coat. Use a fluffy powder brush for maximum staying power. You can also use blotting papers in between coats as well. Any of these techniques will help to set each layer of lipstick before your final coat.



6. Keep the Rest of Your Makeup Simple

How to wear red lipstick without letting it stand out? You can’t. So you have to let it stand out the of the rest of your makeup. Now when you have completed all the difficult steps of choosing the perfect red shade for your face, you don’t want to let the rest of your makeup steal attention from it. So, it is better to keep the rest of your makeup really simple. This will help the red of your lips look prominent and classy.

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