5 Quick tips to minimize high heel shoes pain this wedding season!

Hey Girls! Pay attention. This will make your high heel shoes experience so much better!

High heel shoes hold much significance when it comes to the weddings in Indian Subcontinent. And given that this fall 2017 is the wedding season, you must be all set to wear your high heels pair matching your stylish outfit. But everything has its pros and cons. And the high heel shoes aren’t any different.

While the high heel shoes can make you look tall and beautiful, they can cause torment on your feet. Almost every girl who loves to wear high heels must have experienced the pain caused by high heels. However, since all of your cousins and friends are wearing it, how can you not? The famous Indian Blogger GuiltyBytes.com wrote an article with simple tips to avoid high heel pain. We picked this article out for you because we too care about our fans. Read the original article HERE in detail. Or if you need one liner tips, continue reading below.

5 Quick High Heel Shoes Tips every girl needs to know

  1. Always shop for high heel shoes at the end of your shopping day. Find the pair that fits you instead of choosing a beautiful pair that hurts.
  2. Tape your third and fourth toe fingers together. High heels exert most pressure here. Taping them together will reduce the pressure.
  3. Use coconut oil or a cream to soften your inner heels. Leave the cream/oil on for at least 3 days prior to wearing the heels.
  4. Avoid pencil heels and try to pick thick high heel shoes. Pencil heels are always a cause of discomfort since they exert pressure on a single point.
  5. Add insoles inside your heels since the insoles will help you remain comfortable for a long time. You can buy insoles from the same shop as your high heel shoes.

So, these are the tips that can save you a lot of trouble. All credit goes to GuiltyBytes.com for writing a wonderful article. You can check out their website by clicking the link given  above.



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