Happy Halloween with Halloween party, Halloween activities, & costumes!

Ready to celebrate a happy Halloween with your favorite costume and a bunch of Halloween activities planned for the night? Here is a little something extra you should know!

Halloween is just around the corner and the people are just loving the electric “Happy Halloween” feel in the air. I am sure most people would have already decided which Halloween costume to wear to their favorite Halloween party. But that’s no reason to just skip this Halloween theme article we have written for you. A little bit of a history lesson along with a combination of awesome Halloween costumes can make your day a little bit better. Let’s take you through a brief journey on the origin of Halloween and Halloween activities.

Origin of Halloween: From Spooky Samhain to Happy Halloween

Our beloved Happy Halloween of today is a modern form of ancient Celtic festival named Samhain (Sao-wen). This festival was celebrated around 2000 years ago by Celtic people who lived in today’s Ireland. On this day (November 1st), spirits of the dead were believed to wander the Earth. People lit huge bonfires and made a lot of noise to fend these ghosts off. Food offerings and masks were also left outside homes for these ghosts so that they may leave them alone for the rest of the year. In 8th century, the church turned the Samhain to “All Saints Day” or “All Hallows”. And the night of October 31st became “All Hallows Eve” which later became “Halloween” giving us our beloved Happy Halloween festival of today.

So, what about the Halloween activities like trick-or-treating? Well, most of the Halloween activities have also originated from traditions like “souling” and “guising” that were common in Medieval Britain. In “souling” celebrated on November the 2nd, poor people used to beg for “soul cakes”. What they offered in exchange were prayers for people’s deceased relatives. Similarly, in “guising”, people used to dress-up and collect offerings from other people in a jack o’lantern (Halloween Pumpkin). What they offered in return was entertainment. In 19th century, British and Irish immigrants revived Happy Halloween in USA. And the Halloween activities turned to a more family friendly version of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Costumes, Halloween Activities and Halloween Party  – A perfect Trio

Now that we are a little more knowledgeable about our beloved Happy Halloween festival, let’s move to the fun part. We have collected a bunch of Halloween costumes for you just to look at and enjoy. You can try to get one if you really like a costume for your happy Halloween party. However, our costume choice must complement the Halloween theme your host has chosen this year. We really hope your kids are all set for the trick-or-treating this year. Don’t forget to get a bunch of candy for the kids who will be visiting you. Happy Halloween to you from all of us us and we hope you have a great festival. Browse the gallery and enjoy these awesome Halloween costumes! Be spooky! 😛


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