Hair Trends | This is how to create a perfect long hair loop waterfall braid

Don’t feel intimidated by the complicated hairstyles and confusing hair trends. We are “hair” to make things easier!

Long hair can be a hassle to look after. However, if you go through the hassle, it really pays off. Long hair are not only a trademark of feminine beauty, they also give you a lot of hairstyle options to work with. Hair trends keep changing a lot but the hairstyle options for long hair never cease to exist. Today’s article on hair trends feature a video on how to create a beautiful hairstyle called “Loop Waterfall Braid”. This hairstyle is perfect for wearing on parties and events. Not suitable for physical activities though since it is just a cute hairstyle. However, if you are looking for homecoming hairstyles or prom hairstyles, or just a nice hairstyle to wear on a formal gathering, this is the hairstyle for you.

Okay so the prerequisite for you to create this hairstyle is to have pretty long hair. Since this is a hairstyle for long hair so that’s pretty obvious. If you have slightly rough hair, it will help the hairstyle to hold together. If you have silky hair, you might need to use hair spray wax.

The hair spray wax will prevent the hairstyle from loosening up and falling apart. Just spray a little bit on the tops of the hair if you are a fine haired girl. For curlier hair, it would hold up naturally. You may also want to use a texturizing paste to keep it all together.

Although it all seems a bit too much but wait for the end result. It is going to be worth it. Hair trends are usually really difficult to follow since the options for the kind of hair you have along with the shape of your jawline are limited. However, with this hairstyle, you are going to look fine no matter what kind of hair or face shape you have.

Step by Step Guide to create Loop Waterfall Braid | Hair Trends

Now that all the talk about hair trends, tricks and tips is over, let’s move towards the real thing. We have clicked some awesome shots for you so that you can closely follow the tutorial.

  1. The stylist takes a piece of hair, curls it around two fingers and forms a loop.
  2. She then takes another fine strand of hair, moves it through the first loop and creates another loop. In the process, she lets the first strand fall freely under the first loop.
  3. Before creating each loop, she keeps applying texturizing paste to the each hair strand. You can use spray wax in its place as well.
  4. Keep creating the loops repeating the process again and again. If the formed loops are of different sizes, you can always adjust using the free falling hair strands below each loop.
  5. When you are done creating the loops, use a bobby pin to hold the final loop in its place.
  6. Use the free falling hair strands to hide the bobby pin properly and voila, you have got your loop waterfall braid hairstyle for long hair.

Here is the final look!

If you want us to do more articles or hair trends featuring hairstyles like this, keep visiting us. Here is the complete video tutorial. Enjoy!