Celebrity Style, Outfits, and Looks from Gotham Independent Film Awards 2017

Gotham Independent Film Awards 2017 brought out some of the best celebrity style clothing and looks. See the gallery here.

Celebrity style clothing has become a must follow trend for the fashionistas who idolize after their favorite celebrities. It is understandable since celebrities never forget to bring out some of the best looks and styles ever seen. Similarly, Gotham Independent Film Awards 2017 eve saw our favorite stars dressing up like no tomorrow. Since every award show brings along with it a newer celebrity style clothing trend, we were expecting the same from Gotham Awards 2017.

Fun facts and Highlights | Gotham Independent Film Awards 2017

Before moving on to the galleries, let’s share some fun facts about Gotham Independent Film Awards. Gotham Awards are held annually to recognize the films that aren’t made under the banner of a major film studio. Therefore, named as “Gotham Independent Film Awards”. This annual event is held in New York. Why Gotham you ask? Because the city was nicknamed as such by the fiction writer Washington Irving back in 19th century. While “Gotham” may sound like a cool nickname, it actually is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “Goat-Town”.

The Gotham Awards are mostly focused on low budget films produced in the northeastern region of America. This year’s best Actor award went to James Franco for his role as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist. Saoirse Ronan won the best actress award for her role as Christine in Lady Bird. While the best feature film awards went to Call Me by Your Name.

Gotham Awards Celebrity Style Clothing Gallery

Done with the facts and highlights, now its time for the visuals. Below is the gallery we compiled for you with the best celebrity style clothing of Gotham Awards 2017. Sit back, take a sip of coffee, and enjoy!