Glam Makeup Tutorial | How to totally change your look for full coverage

Have you ever wanted to wear makeup in such a way that it changes your look completely? This notoriously effective glam makeup tutorial will get you covered.

There are certain occasions where we all want to look absolutely mind blowing. Whether it is a big charity ball or a corporate gala, we all want to prep ourselves flawlessly. Full coverage glam tutorials are a great way to get things done exactly the way you want to. Imagine having a complete 360 degrees overdo by literally wearing an extra layer of skin. Glam makeup can give you that.

Christen Dominique is a famous beauty blogger and instagramer. In today’s article, we have featured on of her most popular videos where she covers a complete step by step full coverage glam makeup tutorial. This glam makeup tutorial contains very detailed steps and goes over each and every detail comprehensively. After following these steps, you will be ready to rock any party. So let’s move on to brief highlights of what Christen covers in her glam makeup video.

Full Coverage Glam Makeup by Christen Dominique | Highlights

The very first step before makeup is to cleanse your by exfoliating and applying a face mask.

Apply hair mask next. Let it sit for some time and wash off. It really helps to nourish the damaged hair and give it a perfect look.

Use an illuminating primer to prep your skin for makeup application. It will make your skin glow.

Apply your full coverage foundation. Use the blender to blend it with your skin. Try to use a foundation with matte finish. It will give you an extra layer of skin over your face.

Use the concealer on your highlight spots. These are the places you want to look brighter. Let it sit in for a few minutes before blending.

Use the brow pencil to fill in your brows. You can also use a premium brow brush to flawlessly add sharp hair like strokes to your brows.

Before wearing any eye shadow makeup, add a little warm yellow shade powder over your eyelids to set the foundation and concealer. This will make the eye shadow a hell lot smoother.

Wear your favorite shade combination over your eyes for a glam look. User lighter shades to the corners of the eyes and dark/neutral shades on the eyelid.

Draw the party wings on the eye corners using eyeliner. Create the base first and go from there for a smooth look without bumps.

Throw fake eyelashes on for a full party-ready look. Next do the contouring to add those highlights to your facial features.

Use bronzer to add warmth to your face and use a pink shade for adding blush to your cheeks.

Use your favorite lipstick preferably a matching dirt color for a compatible glam makeup look.

And ta-da, your full coverage glam makeup look is done!


See the complete steps with commentary in the video below.