Latest in Pakistan Fashion: Gul Ahmed’s Winter Linen Collection for Fall 2017

Gul Ahmed has launched Gul Ahmed Winter Linen Collection for Fall 2017 and it look gorgeous!

Gul Ahmed is one of the most celebrated retail brands of Pakistan Fashion industry. Their collections are the most awaited and celebrated among fashion lovers of Pakistan. And rightly so too as they do justice with every design they create. With that in mind, we would like to share the news that Gul Ahmed has launched its premium Gul Ahmed Winter Linen Collection for fall 2017.

Winter season in Pakistan is pretty short lived. And hence, designers are careful to design attires in accordance with the seasonal moods of the people. Gul Ahmed Winter Linen Collection has taken that into account wonderfully. The designs included in Gul Ahmed winter collection are suited for both mild and severe winters. These designs are also perfect to with uppers and sweaters of all kind.

Gul Ahmed Winter Linens – A quick review with price

The recent Gul Ahmed Winter Collection covers a large spectrum of colors. Both dark and light colors are included in this collection in a variety of shades. It is practically impossible for you to browse through this collection without finding the color you like. This collection has 1-pc, 2-pc and 3-pc linen un-stitched fabrics that you can choose between. Fabrics have been printed digitally and hence it contains a diverse range of unearthly prints and gorgeous designs. The 1-pc linens are priced in PKR 1050-1500 category and the 2-pc linens are priced at PKR 2600. While the 3-pc linens are priced in PKR 3200-4000 category.

The Gul Ahmed Winter Collection is available for sale in Gul Ahmed outlets near you as well as online. We have compiled the gallery for you to browse through this awesome collection. If you need more details and a close up of these designs, visit Gul Ahmed’s official website. You can also view and buy these prints HERE at Gul Ahmed online store. Keep visiting our website for more!