Charizma Vol-2 lawn embroidered collection 2017


Charizma Lawn 2017 Vol-II has not gone for light colored tones of dresses. Very bright contrasts are used to celebrate springtime. Bold colors on lighter tints have been used to create design that seethe of elegance and exuberance. Red yellow, pink green, black, white and grey colors are employed. The color contrasts are so amazing and elegant that you cannot help crave for all the pieces of this collection. These dresses can be used for both formal and semi formal occasions owing to the beautiful threadwork done on them. One dress has about four to five colors and they are not fused. They look like a splattering of dark colors on a sheet of fabric. Charizma Lawn 2017 Vol-II designs are not merged into one another rather they have sharp boundaries. The geometric pattern, floral wreaths, polka dots and lines are very apparent.