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Tired of wearing mascaras that leave you looking as if you have black eyes? These waterproof mascaras are going to be real problem solvers.

Mascara lovers know the struggles of wearing mascara that keeps you running in circles. Yes, I am taking about the mascara that doesn’t stand a chance against a little bit of sweat or a water splash. While fall season almost has you covered almost on all the ‘getting wet’ fronts, there is still a need for an evergreen waterproof mascara for all seasons. Why? For one, you don’t want to be changing brands at every turn of the season. Two, although we don’t sweat as much in winter as we do in summer, we still go to gym or have an encounter with water. Three, you should stick with a mascara that suits your needs and have just the right composition. You can’t have all that without an all season waterproof mascara now, can you?

Waterproof mascara helps channel your confidence just the right way. How you ask? Well, imagine going to a pool party wearing your favorite mascara (not waterproof). You would probably be seen hanging around the drinks outside the pool for that’s where your mascara belongs. Wouldn’t that be a shame? Now imagine wearing a waterproof mascara and going for a surf at your favorite sunny beach. How awesome is that? Besides, with a resilient waterproof mascara, you don’t ever need to worry about humidity, rain, or even an oily skin. You can forget about the fear of running mascara and truly be yourself. And you know the best part about a waterproof mascara? It stays on all day long and yet, you can remove it easily using just a tad bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad. Glorious. Right?

Waterproof Mascara | The List Begins

Okay, so we have brought to our makeup loving fans a list of solid waterproof mascaras that would give you the perfect look. These mascaras will accentuate your lash curls to give you a natural look. Forget about mascaras that dry out or brittle away. These brands will cover all your mascara needs once and for all. So let’s get to the list right away.

Yves Saint Laurent Waterproof Mascara


Too Faced





Urban Decay





CoverGirl Waterproof Mascara









Dior Waterproof Mascara


L’Oréal Paris

Make Up For Ever


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