New year eve dress & zodiac | Make an outfit choice aligned with the stars

Be more expressive in your outfit selection these holidays. Select a new year eve dress this time around according to your zodiac compatibility.

Expressing yourself in a unique and personal way is what fashion is all about. While trends are what keep you in style, self expression is what adds a unique flavor to the otherwise mainstream trend. With New Year’s Eve just a few days away, you must be planning your look for the evening. And yes, your New Year Eve dress must have something personal about it as well. It isn’t just an opinion inspired by a famous quote or something. Think about it. What does the New Year signify? A brand new start and a way to do things differently. But before doing any of that, you must project an aura of self acceptance and confidence. With your New Year Eve Dress, show the world your true colors with a touch of horoscope. What better way to embrace your individuality than turning to your Zodiac sign?

Here is a selection to pick your New Year Eve Dress  in accordance with your star sign. The pieces range from velvet to sequins to silk, covering all of the major New Year Eve’s trends. These dresses are in perfect sync with the respective personality profiles of all the Zodiacs. Scroll down to see the complete gallery of New Year Eve Dress Collection. Enjoy basking in the glory of these personalized outfits and prepare your wallets. The price and brand of each dress are included. Happy browsing.


ARIES (Dominant, Leader | Color: Red)

1. Cinq a Sept Ryder Dress ($425)

2. Zara Velvet Tube Dress ($50)

TAURUS (Passionate, Tasteful | Color: Warm Golden)

1. Bec & Bridge Shimmy Nights Cowl Midi Drss ($260)

2. Michelle Mason Bias Cowl Neck Dress ($517)

GEMINI (Free-Spirited, Extrovert | Color: Silver)

RTA Carringthon Dress ($595)


CANCER (Party Animal, Intimate | Color: Velvet)

Attico Alexa Velvet Short Dress ($964)

LEO (Headliner, Positive | Color: Metallic-Gold)

Bec & Bridge Shimmy Nights Dress ($300)

VIRGO (Humble, Neutral | Color: Emerald Green)

1. Cami NYC The Raven Dress ($264)

2. Bershka Fitted Gathered Velvet Dress ($30)

LIBRA (Classic, Loyal | Color: Classic Gold)

Reformation Chrissy Dress ($218)

SCORPIO (Mysterious, Intense | Color: Refined Black)

Alexis Brandi Dress ( $594 ) ($416)

SAGITTARIUS (Outspoken, Energetic | Color: Silver [Sequin])

1. Topshop Disco Sequin Embellished Slip Dress ($140)

2. AlexaChung Paillette-Embellished Swiss-Dot Tulle Midi Dress ( $1310 ) ($786)

CAPRICORN (Versatile, Outgoing | Color: Red)

1. Likely Banks Dress ($168)

2. Pixie Market Beatrice Red Smocked Dress ($126) 

AQUARIUS (Original, Creative | Color: Black [Sequin])

Parker Molly Dress ($528)

PISCES (Romantic, Moody | Color: Velvet)

1. AG Gia Dress ($228)

2. Violeta Velvet Off-Shoulder Dress ($60)

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