Beauty and Makeup Products: Worth Spending Money or Saving?

Ever wondered which beauty and makeup products are worth spending money?

For makeup enthusiasts, it is really really difficult to keep their hands off the various lines and types of makeup products after entering the makeup isle. We all have our guilty pleasures. And for women who love makeup, it is so easy to spend a fortune on makeup products. Be it foundations, eyeliners, makeup brushes, mascaras, or perfumes, we always want to buy the best. Why? Simply because we want to stand out of the crowd.

With the enormous line of beauty and makeup products, the markets are literally bursting with variety. However, our search for the best sometimes take us to uncharted ultra expensive territories that our wallets can’t fathom. We end up spending a lot of money anyway just to regret later. Recently an article appeared in Reader’s Digest with a thorough analysis on beauty and makeup products. With experts opinions included, the article guides us where do we need to spend our money and we do we need to save it. You can view the original article HERE.

Below is the list of makeup products with (almost :P) one liners on why you should spend or save your money on that particular makeup item. For details, you may check the Reader’s Digest link above. Enjoy the article!

Makeup Products | Spend or Save? Let us do the bidding!

1.  Foundation / Concealer: Worth Spending

The biggest yes on worth spending money is the foundation. Our skin is the most important organ contributing towards our overall personality and our face. If you buy a high quality concealer, chances are that you are going to have a smooth skin without any spots, wrinkles lines etc.

2.  Blush On: Save your money!

Money holds least importance while choosing a blush on. The most important part is to choose a blush that suits your skin type. You may spend a fortune on an expensive blush just to find later that it makes you look ruddy. So be careful and choose the formula quality that matches your skin type.


3.  Eyeshadow: Worth Spending

Why choose expensive eye shadow you ask? Because when you wear eye shadow, the main question that arises is, how long will it last? Also, more expensive eye shadows contain better pigments that give you a more blend-able color tone matching your makeup shade. Obviously, you also need protection against water or else you may get panda eyes in case of a rainfall.

4.  Makeup Brushes: Worth Spending

As they say, having the right tools for the right job means your job is half done. Buying expensive makeup products just doesn’t make sense if their application isn’t going to be flawless. So, if the native inhabitant brushes of your makeup kit aren’t giving you the desired results, SWITCH! It is always worth spending money on makeup brushes since they are going to be there for a while. You don’t need brushes leaving their bristles on your skin ruining you makeup now, do you?

5.  Shampoo: Decide for yourself!

Buying a shampoo isn’t a choice you can leave in the hands of others. You may want to buy hair care products that suit your hair or upon the recommendation of an expert if your have had rebounding or coloring done. Some people decide to spend a lot on shampoo since it comes in contact with almost every part of our body while washing. Others stay away from buzz words like “fragrance” and “natural” since they might not mean what you think. The key here is to find a product that suits you. Not something with a low or high price tag.

6.  Eyeliner: Worth Spending

Spending money on eyeliners is always worth it. You need a product that stays there all day long wan wear off easily when you want it to. The outlook of an expensive or a cheap eyeliner might be similar. But with time, you get to know the pros and cons of the makeup products of your choice. And with eyeliner, you need a gently gliding product that stays there as long as you want it to.

7.  Fragrance / Perfume: Worth Spending

While it is great to have a signature scent that appeals to the senses, bathing in fragrance is always a bad idea. Cheap perfumes contain chemicals that may give you and the people around you a headache and/or nausea. Buy quality perfume brands and always apply in areas such as back of your ears, armpits, back of your knees, elbows etc. Being subtle here is the key.

8.  Mascara: Save your money!

According to experts, it is more about the application (the brush!) than the formula when it comes to mascara. All mascaras whether cheap or expensive tend to dry up within three months so it is just not practical to spend a lot of money on mascara.

9. Lipstick / Lip gloss: Save your money!

This one might surprise you since lipstick has always been an integral part of makeup. But think about it. Suppose you buy three very expensive lipstick shades and now you are out of budget for buying anymore lipstick shades until your paycheck arrives next month. Now, would you rather be stuck with just 3 expensive lipstick shades or a bunch of new trendy cheap shades that come out every week? With lipstick, its more about the trend. While expensive lipstick may look a little better in terms of shade, it always look better on your night stand rather than on your lips. Experiment with colors and  buy lots and lots of cheap shades. You won’t regret it.

10.  Nail Polish: Save your money!

Here is another beauty / makeup product where you might want to save your money. Buying expensive doesn’t guarantee better color or lasting long. Some rather inexpensive brands offer a great variety of beautiful nail polish colors that are great in quality as well. Don’t spend more on nail polish than you would on a regular dinner.

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