ANNAKIKI features Spring Summer Collection for 2018 | Milan Fashion Week

ANNAKIKI Spring Summer Couture by Anna Yang for Spring 2017 @ Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week always brings together a creative symphony orchestrated by Fashion maestros from entire world. The highlight this time around was the theme of “Phoneaholism” which was beautifully depicted in Anna Yang’s ANNAKIKI Spring Summer Collection 2018. This new term is quite self explanatory but just for the sake of being Captain Obvious, allow us to explain.

Phoneaholsim the craze of being glued to smart phone screens at all times. No matter if you are walking on a cliff and there is a dead end ahead. You are going to sacrifice yourself just for a couple of seconds of staring at those gorgeous Instagram models. Milan Fashion Week lit up by the inclusion of such a unique concept translated through the language of fashion.

As Fashion Week Online puts it “the collection is rich with vintage iconographic references, yet perfectly capable of portraying contemporary society. Indeed, graffiti, applied slogans, and third millennium cyber pop culture images instantly transport the viewer into the current-day frenzy of phoneaholism.” In an attempt to simplify our daily lives, Anna Yang has created a really eye catching collection. The catch is to just to get us out of our smartphones. This collection certainly caught the eye of Milan Fashion Week Attendees. It will dazzle you as well with both its conceptual and aesthetic implications. To read more on Milan Fashion Week or ANNAKIKI SS2018, visit Fashion Week Online HERE.