13 Short Hairstyle Inspirational Haircuts for Men to Wear this Fall

Not a fan of long hair? Looking for short hairstyles for men that suit your personality and enhance your facial features? We have just the thing.

We are pretty sure all the men out there must be frustrated with all the women targeted hairstyle tutorials and ideas floating around the internet. It is certainly true that hair are a distinct part of female personality aka femininity.  However, hair are no less important when it comes to men. We all see how everyone is trying to prevent baldness these days. Leaving out those few who choose to be bald, no one wants to lose an important part of their persona. So, hair are definitely important. But more important for those who have hair is the dilemma of choosing a hairstyle. Since women usually have longer hair, they are much easier to play with while short hairstyles for men are usually more popular.

Short Hairstyles for Men | Some tips for choosing the right hairstyle

If I ask you, in this very moment to name a few short hairstyles for men, I bet you won’t be able to name more than 3 or 4. But you might be surprised to know that there is a plethora of short hairstyles for men out there. The trick to choosing the right hairstyle for you is to consider a few things before. Even for creating a short hairstyle for men, you need at least some hair. Agreed that bald hair is a hairstyle genre in its own (pun intended) but you get more options with a few inch long hair.Also, you need to choose a hairstyle that suits your personality by complementing your facial features. Now you must be thinking how on earth would I know which short hairstyles for men are more suitable for me? Try determining your face shape (jawline) and then choosing a hairstyle accordingly.

Browse a few short hairstyles for men pictures in the gallery below to see how these models have chosen hairstyles that fit their facial profiles. These 13 short hairstyles for men are classy and each of these adds a unique statement to your personality. Try out our tips and choose a short hairstyle for men of your choosing. You will not be disappointed.


1. Spikes Mens Short Hairstyle


2. Slicked Back Haircut


3. Side Part


4. Ivy League


5. Caesar Cut


6. Side Part Pompadour


7. Brush Cut


8. Businessman’s Cut


9. Layered Cut


10. Taper Cut

11. Whitewalls

12. Blunt Cut

13. Brit-Rock Indie